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I’ve been to Rio before in 2012, during Carnival.  This trip was an in-betweener to have a few days in the sun, on the beach, before heading South to Ilhabela and Sao Paolo and finally to Bolivia.
On a recommendation I stayed at the Marina Palace hotel, which is in Leblon.  This area of Rio is on the beach, West of Ipanema.  My room was on the 23rd floor, facing East to Ipanema, with a stunning view of the lagoon, and the Christos.  For those who haven’t been to Rio, it has these odd little mountains that look like donkey’s ears, covered in greenery, that surround the city. The Christos (which is surprisingly smaller than it looks on TV) sits on one of them, Sugarloaf is another.  Favelas cling higgledy piggledy to the hillsides, alongside beautiful old Portuguese architecture, crumbling churches, and a mix of modern highrises and ugly. 60’s/70’s towerblocks. 
The Botanical Gardens (Jardim Botanico) If you aren’t happy enough to sit on the beach looking at the beautiful people, there ar…