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Has it really been 4 years?!

How time does fly!!  4 years ago I set out on a journey, which took me from my home in Brisbane, to a mind-blowing US road trip, exploring The Great Wall of China, through the colours and smells of India, up into Himalayas, diving in the Pehrentians, and exploring the beautiful island of Santorini by quadbike.  When it ended, I found myself back in London, starting afresh - no job, no home, but my wits and an amazing support group of friends.  And how many wondrous things have happened since then! So for those who haven't caught up, here's a snapshot of how my life story has been:

My doggies got adopted by the most wonderful family, and best of all they adopted me too, and it's a beautiful scenario I never take for granted. Bonnie is living out her retirement very happily, at the age of nearly 10, with them in Brighton, still as cheeky as everMy beautiful labrador, Cacho, died at the age of 8.5 in 2014, from cancer.  The grief still tears me up inside.  Dogs should never d…