Has it really been 4 years?!

How time does fly!!  4 years ago I set out on a journey, which took me from my home in Brisbane, to a mind-blowing US road trip, exploring The Great Wall of China, through the colours and smells of India, up into Himalayas, diving in the Pehrentians, and exploring the beautiful island of Santorini by quadbike.  When it ended, I found myself back in London, starting afresh - no job, no home, but my wits and an amazing support group of friends.  And how many wondrous things have happened since then! So for those who haven't caught up, here's a snapshot of how my life story has been:

  • My doggies got adopted by the most wonderful family, and best of all they adopted me too, and it's a beautiful scenario I never take for granted. Bonnie is living out her retirement very happily, at the age of nearly 10, with them in Brighton, still as cheeky as ever
  • My beautiful labrador, Cacho, died at the age of 8.5 in 2014, from cancer.  The grief still tears me up inside.  Dogs should never die, but he lived an amazing life where he was loved so much by so many, and that makes me happy
  • My parents and I finally live on the same island after 22 years, and we hang out regularly, and they are mega-cool, and really supportive of everything I do!  They definitely keep me entertained. Dad turned 87 this year
  • Got an amazing job in September 2011, which has kickstarted a very successful career in project management
  • I bought a flat in Zone 1 London, and renovated it
  • I briefly went back to the Cayman Islands.  Great to see so many old friends, and make some new ones
  • I reconnected with a lost love, who then broke my heart (some things are lost for a reason)
  • I ran a half marathon in Budapest, and then this year a full marathon in Prague - both wonderful cities to run around, and have discovered not only a new passion but also a great way to see the world
  • I have been back to Africa a number of times.  I did a 2 week safari in Tanzania, which reiterated to me that being in Africa doing some sort of safari or conservation work is where I want to be.  It's the best thing in the world
  • I worked my arse off in the gym, got a rock hard body, put a big head-dress on then fiesta-d at Carnival in Rio De Janiero which was the most breathtaking, sparkling, spectacular and colourful event I've ever seen

  • I forayed briefly into stand up comedy, something I do plan on reviving in 2016!
  • I have reconnected with, and met, the most wonderful, inspiring, talented, gorgeous people in this new chapter of my life and I love them all to the moon and back
  • I have continued to travel, lots of Europe, but also back to the States, and very recently nearly a month in Borneo.  That trip, for me, was heartbreaking, as after over 20 years of travelling the world I can really see the damage we're doing.  I did get very very close to some orangutans
    though, something I've wanted to do for years
  • I swam with whale sharks in Mozambique
  • I know what I want to do with my life and have a plan to get there
  • My love for cosplay still knows no bounds, and yes, I dress up regularly!
  • I went to Comic-Con in San Diego, a bucket list dream!  Freakin' epic

  • I've been quite actively busy for AnimalsAsia, raised lots of sponsorship money with the marathon this year and have been known occasionally to dress up in bear outfits and dance around train stations in London to raise money
  • Being back in such a cultural hub, I've made sure to go the theatre regularly, and have also discovered Secret Cinema. If you live in London, and you haven't gone yet - you are missing out!
  • I went to Glastonbury twice, and got a ticket for 2016 already!
So why the blog revival?  I'm off - again - shorter period this time but hopefully just as adventurous and fulfilling as all the events in the past 4 years have been. First stop Rio!