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Tales of the Golden Gate

I hate to say it, but I have fallen so behind in my blog that I am now going to have to snapshot a little bit. After leaving Monterey behind, including some excellent memories with some excellent people and a Houdini cat, I had one stop to make before picking up my friend Electra from San Francisco in the afternoon.  Santa Cruz, in particular, the Giant Dipper, a wooden rollercoaster constructed in 1924.  I think over 6 million people have ridden on it since then! 
Santa Cruz is a nice little town, has a lovely pier where you can photograph sea lions, a gorgeous beach where the brave people of Santa Cruz were playing volleyball in bikinis (I was wrapped up in my winter jacket as I am a bloody wuss), and the seaside fair to end all fairs.  There is another reason Santa Cruz is so special, and hold onto your hat film fans  - it’s where the Lost Boys was filmed!  If you haven’t heard of this movie you may be Gen Y, but you should immediately buy/download/rent it.  It starred Keifer Suthe…

Getting my Kicks on Route 66