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Grand Canyon & Monument Valley

After Sedona I set out on pretty HWY 89, past Flagstaff and into Williams.  This is the gateway to the Grand Canyon, although it’s a long (and very straight) hour’s drive to the canyon itself.  Williams is a small town on Route 66, surrounded by pine trees.  It has one main street which looks like it’s straight out of a ‘60’s James Dean movie, complete with pick-up trucks, cowboys, road-trains, a Dairy Queen and motels.  THE place to go in Williams is Cruisers, a cool diner (complete with a car on the roof and Marlon Brando painted on the wall) on the high street which has its own brewery attached.  Grand Canyon Brewery is making a name for itself and I don’t mind giving these guys a plug here because their beer is excellent, the staff looked after me like I was one of their own, and I had a great couple of nights in there having beers and giggles.  It’s a must-do if you are staying in this neck of the woods.
I’ve been to the Grand Canyon before – 20 years ago - but now it’s a lot more…