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Tales of the Desert

Arriving into Phoenix, the sun was shining, and the sprawled city was spread out across the desert with mountains surrounding it in the hazy distance.  First impressions of Phoenix are that you need a car as cabs are stupidly expensive, but it’s easy drive around.  The roads are wide, laid out in a grid pattern, there’s plenty of freeways to speed things up.  You hear Spanish constantly, and see it written on signs, as often as you see English.  
I decided to stay ‘downtown’, however it turns out the hotel I booked was 5 miles out of downtown (ie the CBD) but it had a pool and was a steal for the price.  I spent the first day there sunning in my bikini, feeling very relaxed after the mad party that was New York. 
But what is a girl to do on a Monday night in Phoenix?  Turns out not a lot.  Phoenix CBD on a Monday night is… dead.  I caught the bus into the city ($1.75 as oppose to a $25 cab ride!), and walked into the city.  It reminded me of one of those apocalypse movies where everyone…