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Prey, Love, Eat: A Cougar's Tale

Several times on this trip, as I have enthusiastically recounted my itinerary to someone, they pause to digest the details, then a knowing smile spreads across their face: “You’re having an Eat Pray Love experience!”
If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked that recently, I’d be a rich woman.  Anyone who knows me well would laugh uproariously at the very idea!  Can a woman travelling in her late thirties/early forties really be so pigeonholed?  It’s bemusing to me that Elizabeth Gilbert’s best-selling book has somehow defined any long-term multi-destination travel by solo female adventurers.  The concept that there must be a higher purpose behind the trip, rather than a need to just explore and experience other cultures, or, in my case, because I have consistently itchy feet and I like seeing stuff.  Even people who haven’t read the book but have seen the film are suddenly experts on why women my age travel.  I have to sigh, and explain that travel is intrinsic to me.  Elizabet…