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A week in paradise: Pehrentian Besar

Adventures in Chitwan: The Raj Experience

Chitwan National Park in Southern Nepal is home to the Asian Rhino.  The vista is quite African, tall elephant grass, shallow rivers and incredible sunsets.  The quiet town of Sauraha is the kick-off point for most safaris and for cheaper accommodation in dilapidated lodges.  In addition to rhinos, the park is home to deer, monkeys, wild elephants and elusive tigers.  Domesticated Asian elephants are everywhere, used for tourist jungle safaris and by the government to take a census of the number of animals in the park on a regular basis.  Like everywhere in the world, Chitwan rhinos are in danger of poaching, with many individuals being lost each year.  
We stayed at Jungle Adventure Lodge, at the end of the town, on the river, near where you are able to spot rhinos sometimes in the grass on the opposite bank.  Our bus journey to Sauraha was, as bloody usual, eventful and arduous, this time the delay due to rioters who were up in arms over a murder the night before where the police had…