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Day 2: BhulBhule to Ghermu – 840m – 1130m – 5hrs Day 3: Ghermu to Tal – 1130m to 1700m – 5.5hrs Day 4: Tal to Chame – 1700m – 2700m - 6.5 hrs approx Day 5: Chame to Upper Pisang - 2710M – 3310M - 5.5 hrs approx

And so the hike had begun in earnest with no going back. The first two days were actually quite difficult.  The trail wasn’t really a path, instead there was a fair bit of scrambling over rocks, stepping on slippery stones across gushing streams and sliding down dusty hill sides which is hard enough on its own, let alone with a pack I wasn’t used to.  Steve, Helene and Caro had far more hiking experience than I did and seemed to find it much easier.  I had to grow some serious hiking chops during my first two days:  I found that actually I could navigate steep tracks quite well and was fairly quick – kind of like a bouncy miniature mountain goat - whereas I was slow going down, wary of where I could put my feet in case I rolled my ankle.  
Gradually the landscape changed, and our e…

ANNAPURNA DAY 1: Besi Sehar to Bhulbule – 820m to 840m – 2.5 hrs



Last time I blogged I was in Delhi, musing on my Indian experience.  It seems a world away from Nepal, a troubled but incredibly beautiful country.  The snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas and stark, breathtaking landscapes are in contrast to the warm and accommodating Nepalese.  Despite political unrest, poverty and harsh living conditions the people are happy and smiling.  Cries of ‘Namaste’ follow you down the street.  I felt more hassled in India, the Nepalese are easy-going and it’s not in their nature to push an issue. Probably the largest downside of travelling in Nepal is load-shedding, meaning that electricity is only available for a few hours a day, and sometimes not at the most convenient times.  Having to charge up electrical items, or even grab a hot shower if your hotel is dependent on a water pump, means that you have to be flexible, planning your day around the possibility you might have to race back to the hotel to grab a shower and charge up the iphone.  There are lot…