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Thoughts late at night

So here I sit in bed at 12.40am typing away, excited about Nepal, with some mixed feelings on India.

Personally, it's been an interesting journey.  I'm still in my 'time out' phase obviously, but whilst I feel rested from the combination of physical exercise and sleep, I don't feel at peace. The hectic nature of India and a constant battle of wits against everyone seeming to want something from me is draining.  I've got fed up of the spitting, hawking, and disgusting personal habits of people around me.  OK, in SE Asia it's common to see people hawking through their nose and spit in public, but I've never seen people just going to the toilet on the side of the street like this before: not even in Africa.   The smell of urine hits you at every corner.  The litter is a real issue.  Garbage is left to rot in some places, eaten by pigs and cows who get distended stomachs from the plastic in their guts.

Yet there is such beauty here.  Whilst modern architectur…

Jodphur, the blue city, and Pushkar, the temple town

Jodhpur is nicknamed the Blue City as many of the houses are painted a beautiful indigo blue which acts as an insect repellent and keeps the house cool at the same time. The jumble of buildings and havelli’s is breathtaking, nestled under the red Mehrangarh fort which dominates the skyline 122m above the city.
We stayed in the old city, a maze of streets that are really too narrow for the cows, tuk-tuks and motorbikes which go head to head, leaving no space to walk.  Tuk-tuk drivers inch past each other yelling in Hindi, trying to avoid knocking over parked motorbikes and escaping by a hairs-breadth.  These people should be paid danger money!  Sitting in an open air tuk-tuk, or rickshaw as they are sometimes called (or Delhi helicopter as we’ve heard in Delhi!), is similar to a white-knuckle ride in an amusement park.  I have to say that I didn’t get the best feeling in Jodphur.  The old city is charming and the fort is an impressive monument, albeit dirtier and more dilapidated than t…