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Mumbai and Goa pics

Mumbai & Goa

Arriving into India at 12.30am at night is game.  Tell the truth, as I waited for my bag (which was late coming out), I expected to descend into the kind of carnage that you see in movies - thousands of people clamouring to take me in their taxi, high humidity, chickens and dogs running everywhere.  However it's all very organised - you get a prepaid taxi which you pay for at a stand. They give you a number and you walk out to a line of little black and yellow bumblebee shitbox cars, none of which look like they've been serviced in a very long time.  You find the number on your piece of paper that corresponds to a number on the licenceplate and off you go.

The first thing I noticed was the dust - hanging above everything - making the streetlamps and moon a sickly orange.  Driving through Mumbai, now at about 2am, was a surreal experience.  Traffic lights mean nothing, and my little cab driver kept taking calls on his dilapidated mobile phone (he had to answer it by using a mat…

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has created one of the most successful societies on Earth.Prince Charles

When I lived in Hong Kong, I felt that Hong Kong is my family.Jet Li

Hong Kong photos:

Hong Kong is made up of the Kowloon Peninsula (the South Eastern tip of China), Hong Kong Island, and several outlying islands including Lantau, Lamma and Macau. If Beijing is the stern, militarian sister in the North, and Singapore is the conversative sister with a dark side in the South, then Hong Kong is the sister that parties all night and never wants to come home. It's a crazy city of high rise buildings and neon lights, set amidst rolling hills, suspension bridges and shipping lanes. Long gone are the wooden junks that cruised the harbour, replaced by cargo ships and ferries that run between Kowloon and Hong Kong, and outlying islands.

The energy is unstoppable. There are people EVERYWHERE, the result of over 7 million people being crammed into…