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Singapore Sling

If you want to skip the reading and just check out the photos on Flickr, please click on the link below, and then on the box to the right of the screen entitled 'Singapore': "This place possesses an excellent harbour... Singapore is everything we could desire" - Sir Stamford Raffles, 1819.
It would be hard to describe what makes Singapore so different, but it really is like no place I've ever been. It's lush, commercialised, busy, and yet there are pockets of tranquillity mere metres away from the hubbub. The young Asian population are modern and hip, yet a blonde woman walking around in some areas will still attract stares. There are pockets where it is pure Asia - the plastic chairs and tables of cafes, and shops selling every bric-a-brac under the sun compete for space on already crowded sidewalks, and you are assaulted by smells both pleasant and repulsive. You need a mortgage to get a beer here, they cost ap…