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Bittersweet Symphony

It is strangely ironic that in 2004 I walked down the aisle to the opening strings of Bittersweet Symphony. As Verve sang: "It's a Bittersweet Symphony that's life..." and the past few years have not only been the darkest of times but they've been the best. As I faced my worst fears and rebuilt my life I discovered an emotional maturity and strength I didn't even know I had, and that I had the most amazing support network, all of whom stepped out of the wings and helped me when I needed it most.

In the rush to leaving I have had little time to reflect on the fact that I'm really departing Brisbane for good, a city where I have spent the longest consecutive period of time in my life. It seems that since last April, in a pub in Brighton where Lucy Jones said 'Don't worry, I'll take your dogs honey', that I stepped onto an incredible rollercoaster ride that has brought me to a point where I'm updating this blog in an internet cafe …

Time for goodbyes (a post for all my friends in Australia)

This is a very familiar time for me. I tend to be a bit of a gypsy, and wandering from place to place you have to say goodbye a lot.

What is in a goodbye, though? As I look through my list of facebook friends I realise how many people around the world mean so much to me. They are long-term friends - some even from school. There's family, some of whom I have only reconnected with recently. There's lovers and ex-boyfriends, old and new. Even my dogs, Bonnie & Cacho, are my friends on Facebook! There's newer acquaintances, some of whom won't last the next 'facebook' cleanout, but some who have already made a huge impact. At some point in my life I've said goodbye to all of these people.

What comes after goodbye? Hello of course! The most exciting thing about travelling is reconnecting. Whether that person travels to where you are in the world, or whether you finally make it to see someone you met in Vietnam over 3 years ago that lives in Hong …