Time for goodbyes (a post for all my friends in Australia)

This is a very familiar time for me. I tend to be a bit of a gypsy, and wandering from place to place you have to say goodbye a lot.

What is in a goodbye, though? As I look through my list of facebook friends I realise how many people around the world mean so much to me. They are long-term friends - some even from school. There's family, some of whom I have only reconnected with recently. There's lovers and ex-boyfriends, old and new. Even my dogs, Bonnie & Cacho, are my friends on Facebook! There's newer acquaintances, some of whom won't last the next 'facebook' cleanout, but some who have already made a huge impact. At some point in my life I've said goodbye to all of these people.

What comes after goodbye? Hello of course! The most exciting thing about travelling is reconnecting. Whether that person travels to where you are in the world, or whether you finally make it to see someone you met in Vietnam over 3 years ago that lives in Hong Kong (true example, ha ha ha!), that reconnection can be quite something. It can open doors to new worlds, provide a helping hand, or just rekindle a friendship or romance that had lain dormant. Sometimes it's just getting to see the people you know and love once again.

So as I leave the country that has been my home for the last 5 years, and say goodbye to all the people that made it a home, I prepare for my 'hello's'. There will be many on this trip. And I know that somewhere down the track, I'll be saying hello to all my Australian friends again. Perhaps soon, perhaps 10 years down the track, but the wonderful thing about friendship is if it is true, it never dies.

Goodbye 'Straya, hello world...


Aileen said…
Hello have had a quick squizz of your blog and love it. Looking forward to reading your adventures. If you have the time I have 2 blogs leenpie.blogspot.com and gardengodmother.blogspot.com. I love your outlook to life Helen - it makes me warm and fuzzy and highly entertained at your antics! Lovies xx
Annchen said…
Hi Helen, Sorry I didn't get to see you before you leave us but I wish you safe travels and will keep up with you here. You have been a very good neighbour and friend and someday I hope we see eachother again. Maybe it might be me saying "Hi Helen I'm coming to the UK, got room for me?" You never, never know. It is not goodbye Helen. As they say in Germany "Tuesch", see you again.
You take care, enjoy yourself, give the puppies a hug for me and find peace in your life. Love you. God bless and take care of you my friend. Love Ann xxxxx