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Goodbye, England's daughters and much-loved son

This past week has seen the tragic loss of two of England's daughters. Elegant actress Natasha Richardson who died suddenly in a skiing related accident, and Jade Goody, whose long drawn out battle with cancer sadly reached its inevitable end.

Both events have moved me very deeply, certainly enough to write on my blog which I haven't had a chance to do in months. Why? I think both were talented beautiful women who in some way have left their mark on popular culture in different ways, despite being from opposite sides of the track. Richardson was a child of the arts and respected amongst her peers in the theatre world, daughter of the talented and beautiful Vanessa Redgrave and director Tony Richardson, theatre was in her blood. Whilst not many people will remember her TV or movie career, she epitomised what I think of as a British heroine, elegant and sophisticated, ethereally beautiful and a little untouchable. There are few left like Richardson, as her timeless grace se…