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Things that make me cry

I've just been to see Marley & Me, the best-selling book turned film, and I bawled like a little girl.

I'd seen the book in stores before, and even the cover bought a lump to my throat. You see - animals make me cry. More particularly, the thought of something nasty happening to an animal, be it human mistreatment, or a painful death. Just by looking at the picture of the adorable, big-eared puppy on the cover, I knew the pages contained bittersweet memories by the author - ones that would reduce me to tears eventually and the mortality of my own beautiful dogs.

I did not buy the book at that time.

Then last year, for my birthday, I received a copy of the book from my friend Suki in London. Knowing what a soppy git I am for animals, she'd seen the book and instinctively knew I'd love it. Even then, it sat on my shelf for about 2 months before I picked it up. Not because I didn't have time to read it, but I dreaded the sadness within.

I grew up with a big sook…