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Why the Twilight series is a pile of pants

I hate to say it, but I've read the Twilight series. Well, I've read the first 3 books and skim read the last one. I'm still trying to get the hype, but seriously the only achievement Stephanie Meyer has accomplished is managing to create the most annoying literary character since man started scratching in the dirt to form crude writing.

Firstly, the Twilight series CAN NOT, NOR EVER BE, compared to the Harry Potter series. For one, JK Rowling has something called IMAGINATION. She created an entire universe, one that appeals to all ages. Her books have depth, her characters have courage, vision and BALLS. Bella Swann, the 'heroine' of Twilight, is a disgustingly boring, self-centred little whinger, who manages to hurt everyone around her whilst putting herself in life-threatening situations and expecting everyone to protect her. Stephanie Meyer has borrowed the girl/werewolf/vampire love triangle from Laurel K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series, which is also…

Goodbye, England's daughters and much-loved son

This past week has seen the tragic loss of two of England's daughters. Elegant actress Natasha Richardson who died suddenly in a skiing related accident, and Jade Goody, whose long drawn out battle with cancer sadly reached its inevitable end.

Both events have moved me very deeply, certainly enough to write on my blog which I haven't had a chance to do in months. Why? I think both were talented beautiful women who in some way have left their mark on popular culture in different ways, despite being from opposite sides of the track. Richardson was a child of the arts and respected amongst her peers in the theatre world, daughter of the talented and beautiful Vanessa Redgrave and director Tony Richardson, theatre was in her blood. Whilst not many people will remember her TV or movie career, she epitomised what I think of as a British heroine, elegant and sophisticated, ethereally beautiful and a little untouchable. There are few left like Richardson, as her timeless grace se…

Things that make me cry

I've just been to see Marley & Me, the best-selling book turned film, and I bawled like a little girl.

I'd seen the book in stores before, and even the cover bought a lump to my throat. You see - animals make me cry. More particularly, the thought of something nasty happening to an animal, be it human mistreatment, or a painful death. Just by looking at the picture of the adorable, big-eared puppy on the cover, I knew the pages contained bittersweet memories by the author - ones that would reduce me to tears eventually and the mortality of my own beautiful dogs.

I did not buy the book at that time.

Then last year, for my birthday, I received a copy of the book from my friend Suki in London. Knowing what a soppy git I am for animals, she'd seen the book and instinctively knew I'd love it. Even then, it sat on my shelf for about 2 months before I picked it up. Not because I didn't have time to read it, but I dreaded the sadness within.

I grew up with a big sook…