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Duel, anyone??

I’m a positive person.No, I am really.But you know what, every now and then I need a bloody good whinge. And damn it, it’s my blog so I’m having one, right here!I’m throwing my toys out of the cot, baby!And my whinge-de-jour is about bloody Brisbane drivers.I’m going to swear a lot in this one, so be prepared.Holy crap, people of Brisbane, where the bloody hell did you all learn to drive???I know this used to be a little country town at one stage – but now it’s a big city with roundabouts, motorways and traffic lights, and some skill is needed, especially when there’s thousands of other people on the roads as well as yourself.Most importantly these skills apply to the speed limit. This means that it is acceptable to drive at the speed limit.Not 20kms above it, especially when you lack necessary capabilities of traveling at speed – like being able to steer or indicate.If you prefer to drive under the speed limit (because maybe you recognize your own lack of driving skills), then pretty…