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The wonderful Jill Robinson

In 1993 a slender, soft-spoken Englishwoman named Jill Robinson visited a bear farm in China for the first time. Visiting as a tourist, she was 'undercover', and she broke away from her tour group and headed down a set of stairs into an unlit basement. What she discovered down there in the dark forced the plight of the moon bears fully into the light and eventually led to the foundation of Animals Asia.

Bear bile has amazing healing qualities, yet the methods used to obtain it are so barbaric they defy belief. The beautiful Asiatic bears, who resemble American Black Bears in size and appearance and are so named for the distinctive golden ruff around their necks, are captured in snares and traps in the wild, thrust into tiny cages that can barely contain them, and have metal catheters thrust into their gall bladders - without surgery. Then these bears live out their lives in pain and fear, crippled, trapped, starved. All for the sake of 'medicine' for humans.

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