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Spam, luvverly Spam!

We're all used to our Spam folder being slowly filled up with rubbish, but every now and then I take sneaky peek to see what spammers are currently 'into' and have a giggle at the subject lines.

It seems that penile enlargement has made a comeback! I used to get lots of spam about this, then it got mixed up with weird religious spam, vitamin spam, viagra spam, computer and business spam, and girls trying to get me to view their webcams. Hmmm... joy of joys every other spam email has reverted to telling me how I can add to her pleasure in the bedroom by enlarging certain areas of my biology, and for sure amusement value these are some of my favourites:

Headline: Pleasure all of your women with the size of your instrument! Well thanks Pedro Hicks. I am happy that you think I have many women to pleasure. If only! Personally my instrument is the organ. Seriously, I learnt to play the organ as a child. Bizarro!! How did you know???

Headline: Your new schlong will win mo…