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Tribute to Heath Ledger

Australia lost one of it's most beloved sons today. The handsome and talented actor, Heath Ledger, died today far from home in New York. I don't want to dwell on the how, but pay some tribute to a man that contributed far more to cinema in his short career than many do in a lifetime.

It's the eyes that get you first. Soft, brown and with a hint of the poets' gaze. In many ways that is what made Heath so unique. His weren't the classically tooth-capped, fake-tan, pumped up good looks of many Hollywood A-listers, but he had an easy smile, rogue-ish curly hair, and looked as much like he belonged in a romantic 18th century novel as he would having a drink with you down the pub. The eyes were enigmatic, belying a big heart, an impishness, and yet wistful and almost sad.

It was this inner mystery that attracted women to him in droves. Heath had his fair share of Hollywood lovelies, Heather Graham, Naomi Watts and the mother of his baby, Michelle Williams and the r…