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You can be inside an atom bomb the size of Manhattan, flying into the sun (literally), and there will still be some mf trying to kill you.

Changing careers in your mid-thirties

There's nothing like a mid-life crisis to bring perspective. When getting up in the morning becomes a chore, when you feel like all you've done in your life is be an office drone, maybe it's time to shake things up a bit. So I quit my 8.30am-5pm cushy IT job at the law firm and went to work at the airport.

Ah shift work. How much easier it would be if Brisbane had daylight savings. Having to get out of bed at 2.30am is not appealing. What is also interesting is the variety of having that solid, 37.5 hour week at a guaranteed rate, and suddenly find yourself working anything between a 20 hour week to a 44 hour week at penalty rates. Variety is the spice of life they say. Well curry tastes great but gee it has some side effects.

Now I don't have money, I'm tired most of the time, but my job is definitely more interesting. I see more daylight hours (starting work at 3.50am and finishing at 9am does have its up sides) and I'm bringing home more or less the same excep…